n   s    t    r    u   m   e   n    t    a   t    i   o   n       s   i    t    e         F   a    b   r    i    c    a    t    i    o   n  ,     E    r     e    c   t    i    o   n       a   n   d         I    n    s    t    a    l   l   a   t    i   o   n       C   o   n   t    r    a   c   t    o    r      a   n   d       M    a   n     P    o    w    e     r      S    u    p    p    l    i     e    r   s           


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     JOBTECH is engineering and construction firm specialized in Instrumentation, Electrical and Automation works. In the field of petrochemicals, fertilizer, chemicals, power, cement and steel, pharmaceuticals and food processing industries. Jobtech is presently focusing on the allover Indian sub Continent in order to cater the growing needs of the Instrumentation Construction Industry. The team of professionals working with us gives us an edge providing more accurate services to our clients. Moreover we are Supplying manpower for various companies and firms

We execute the projects we undertake within the scheduled time and within the budget stipulated and ensure complete client satisfaction catering to every requirement.

We look forward to associate with you with your projects.

                                                                                         Managing Partner,

Quality Policy

Our policy is to provide accurate and effective quality of work and service to our client.

Instrumentation Services

1. Instrumentation project execution and services

2. Maintenance, Shutdown and turnarounds

3. Controls, Automation and commissioning solutions

4. Fabrication, Installation, Calibration & Testing of field instruments

Electrical Services

1. Power projects and services

2. New Electrical Systems Installation & commissioning

3. Upgrades, Revamps and Expansion

4. Alterations

5. Power Wiring

6. Control Wiring

7. High Voltage Wiring

8. Maintenance

9. Trouble Shooting, Testing and Repair

10. Emergency Service

Manpower Services

We are highly specialized in providing Technical Manpower Staffing for various kinds of project activities, Maintenance, Procurement, Engineering, Manufacturing, Operation & Maintenance etc.

Our Services

Instrumentation project / Maintenance Services / Commissioning Assistance / Operation & Maintenance / Manpower Placement Services